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CNC Router Cutting

Do you have a complex pattern you need precisely cut out? Have you been searching for a professional cutting service that can do both 2D and 3D cutting? Thanks to our expert utilisation of advanced cutting machinery, combined with our years of training and hands-on industry experience, it is little wonder that the experts at Aztech Cutting Solutions have become the industrial cutting company Melbourne residents trust.

At Aztech Cutting Solutions it is our ambition to deliver superior cutting services to customers located across Australia. Along with our renowned and efficient waterjet cutting, we have the training and equipment to complete accurate and highly-detailed CNC router cutting from our Campbellfield workshop.

Custom-programmed to cut unique patterns and lines, our CNC cutting cuts accurately through materials of differing densities without giving way to resistance. Our expert team assess every project with our trained eye to determine which approach to use for the best cut. To discuss our CNC cutting solutions with our team give us a call on 03 8339 0516.

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