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Aztech Cutting Solutions is one of the leaders in profile cutting in Australia. This page is designed to answer some common questions about our tools and techniques. If you have any further inquiries please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team!

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How does waterjet cutting work?

The waterjet cutting process involves two main stages. Firstly, an intense pressure pump or Electric Servo Pump elevates regular tap water to pressure levels above 40,000 psi (2760 bar) to produce the energy required for cutting. Next the water is diverted into a small precious stone orifice to create a high-powered jet stream. This has a velocity of roughly 2.5 times the speed of sound, which may vary depending on how the water pressure is exerted.

This process is effective for both water only applications as well as abrasive jets. For abrasive cutting tasks, abrasive garnet is loaded into the mixing chamber of the cutting head body. The result is an extremely direct and powerful abrasive jet stream.

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How much speed and accuracy does a waterjet have?

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How thick can my materials be?

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What gives waterjet the edge over other cutting technologies?

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What types of materials are suited to the waterjet cutting process?

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Will waterjet technology effectively cut my material? Are there any limitations?

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